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Karla Garjaka


Founder & Executive Director

Education is Karla's PASSION and LIFE! She is an educational and nutritional psychologist with almost 30 years of experience in the education field, having worked as a teacher, administrator, professor, researcher and consultant. She is also a mother of three beautiful bilingual daughters who are constantly teaching and helping her grow professionally and personally. Since 2010 she has helped hundreds of children, teens, parents and educators overcome cognitive challenges through personalized and holistic solutions. Her background in Educational Psychology, Neuro-psychology, Nutrition-psychology and Linguistics allows her to have a more thorough understanding of the root cause of the issues her clients have been dealing with.



Office & Marketing Manager

Carolina is a versatile professional with expertise as a Marketing Specialist, Operations Manager, and Self-development Facilitator. This blend of skills allows her to bring a unique perspective and approach to her work. Her focus is on maintaining a positive and nurturing environment that embraces nature, mindfulness, and creative expression as she collaborates closely with teachers and parents to provide a seamless experience, fostering a sense of community, and creating opportunities for growth and exploration. As an advocate for holistic education, she believes in cultivating a balanced and inclusive environment where children can develop their unique potentials.



509 Pakala Street
Honolulu,HI 96825, USA


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