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Small size classes. Individualized experience.

Project based learning. Rich environment.


At L.E.A.R.N. School we believe that a smaller class size is more impactful. Small class sizes means that we can work with our students more closely, allowing us to get to know them, their learning style, their strengths and weaknesses. All this helps us enforce an individualized experience for each student and their families.


Small class sizes are also crucial in being able to effectively teach social and emotional skills, allowing us to appropriately intervene during critical learning moments.

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Project Based Learning is popular in middle and high school programs but rarely seen in preschools. It’s method is intended to engage children through a long-term project. The project is usually aimed at solving a problem or question.

When tailored to their learning styles and development, we believe that children as young as 2 years old have the ability to work on long term projects learning skills such as persistence, community, problem solving and focus along the way.

Instructional scaffolding works collectively with Project Based Learning. It is a process intended to add support and aid the mastery of certain skills and tasks. We do this by building on students' knowledge as they learn new things. For example, when a child is learning how to walk he first needs to be held up as he mimics walking and then slowly the child is able to support more of his own weight. He will then move onto using objects to stand along and take small steps. Eventually the child will take a step on his own and before we know it we can’t keep up behind them.


In the classroom this is critical in teaching students academic skills but also equipping them with social-emotional skills such as confidence in order to have the courage to learn new things.

Because we believe in small class sizes we have limited space.

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