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Recipes for the Anxious Mind

Recipes for the Anxious Mind

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With the growing complexities of our world, it is becoming increasingly hard to make decisions that will contribute to our health. We hear about new and improved formulas, "natural products", "natural ingredients", supplements, vitamins, and a number of other jargon loved by the food industry. However, once I started studying the formulations and products being marketed to our families, I quickly realized that most of them are purely marketing gimmicks to influence our judgment.


The problem is bad everywhere but is even more delicate in the United States, where a number of ingredients that have been banned in other developed countries continue to be used in staple products sitting in our pantries. Worse yet, we have giant food companies counting on you becoming addicted to their products so that they continue to thrive.


While the agencies that are supposed to protect us are not doing their jobs, it is up to us to take responsibility for eating healthier and living better lifestyles. In this book, I have simplified years of study and experiments to bring the best nutrition with great taste that you and your family can safely have.


I hope that you and your family will enjoy these as much as my family and close friends have!

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