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Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids

SKU: 20201002

Step into the kitchen and embark on a culinary adventure with our "Cooking with Kids" cookbook! Inside, you'll discover 21 mouthwatering recipes that have been tried and tested during our engaging cooking classes with children. From savory snacks to delectable desserts, each recipe is carefully crafted to be simple yet delicious, perfect for little chefs of all skill levels. As you explore the pages of this cookbook, you'll find easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by vibrant photos of the actual creations and snapshots of our kids exploring in the kitchen. Not only will your little ones delight in creating tasty treats, but they'll also develop valuable cooking skills and gain a deeper appreciation for wholesome ingredients. With each recipe, children will learn the importance of making nutritious food choices and cultivating a lifelong love for cooking. Get ready to bond with your kids in the kitchen and create cherished memories together with our "Cooking with Kids" cookbook!

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