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The effect of EMFs in kids: what every parent should know!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Have you ever heard about EMFs? If you are like the overwhelming majority of people, your answer will be “no”. EMFs stand for Electromagnetic Fields and are generated by wires, appliances, personal devices, computers and anything that uses electricity or WIFI. EMFs have always been part of our lives – but never to the extent seen more recently. Blame it on less safe neighborhoods, on better devices, or even on the pandemic; no matter how you look at the facts, kids all ages have been spending more time indoors playing with electronic devices. And even unknowingly, they have been feeling the negative impacts derived from EMFs.

As an educational psychologist with almost 30 years of experience in the education field, I must confess that I have never seen children’s mental health deteriorate as quickly as it did during the COVID-19 months: 119% increase in attempted to overdose; 94% increase in generalized anxiety disorder; and a scary 334% increase in intentional self-harm. And while most people talk about the increased number of mental health issues, very few people talk honestly about the causes. Based on my extensive research in the area, I believe EMFs are one of the big villains in this story, with a direct link to issues such as cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, ADHD and even sleeping disorders.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me share with you an eye-opening image that shows how much mobile phone radiation penetrates into the heads of people of different ages.

Still, when was the last time a doctor asked you about the amount of EMFs that you and your family have been exposed to? Our society became too fast in labeling diseases and prescribing pills as the cure to all maladies in a way that encourages people to “cut first, measure later”. Despite our best intentions, the very unfortunate result is that the increased number of kids taking prescription drugs will pay the price of this approach.

Kids are not miniature adults and should never be treated as such. Their bodies are different, their brains are still being developed and their hormones, enzymes, tissues, and cellular responses to environmental toxins are all very different from the ones from adults. Please, do yourself and your child a favor: explore all options before accepting any type of label.

In the case of EMFs, the reality is that they are here to stay in an ever more pervasive way. However, there are ways to reduce kids’ exposure to them by cutting back on the use of technology and by using EMFs shields. While there is no leading brand in this space, there are several ones aspiring to take the lead. I strongly encourage you to research the topic yourself and make your own choices. If you need, I am more than happy to be a resource to help you learn more.

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